Every meeting starts with a formal introduction. Here is ours.

Who We Are

KG Consulting is a business advisory firm that offers professional consulting services for manufacturing and service companies. From technicians, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers to marketers, we’ve roped in professionals from different departments and fields. Our consultants have extensive experience in the manufacturing, services, and education sectors. Their collaborative efforts and trade insights allow you to find innovative ways to develop business opportunities

With over 30 years of professional experience, our consultants have gained a unique perspective of the ever-changing environment of this industry. We want to share our expertise by conducting workforce education training sessions. Through these workshops, we enhance team capabilities and prepare your company for foreseeable advancements.

Additionally, we understand that the best manufacturing and service companies need to modify their operations according to project requirements. That’s why we provide you with adaptable and actionable tech solutions.

That way, you get to build a profitable and sustainable future for your company.